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My Journey to Becoming a Children’s Author.

Hello, my name is Reka and I would like to invite you along on my journey to become a children’s book author. These entries will follow along as I take the various steps to reach my present goal of publishing 3 books. There will be posts in different topics describing what I did in those various areas in my pursuit to have my books published. As time goes on these post may get more frequent as my steps or results may happen more often.  The purpose of this blog site is to give an idea to upcoming authors of someone’s journey to become published. I will give links to the resources I will be using and some of those links may be affiliate links. I hope that you find this information helpful. If ever you need help with any products or services I have used just contact me and either I will give you an answer or I will point you in the right direction. Also if you know of any products or services you would like me to test before you try it, let me know and I will look into them.

To give an idea of where I am starting from, I’ll give you a little background. This is my first writing venture. It had been a goal of mine for a while but at some point I gave up on it. Then, in 2015, something inspired me to write again. You can read about that here and I officially started my journey in 2016.

That’s just a little about my start to this journey. If you would like to know more check out what I’m up to or you can look at specific topics over on the side panel.


I have now decided to self publish 3 books, using various resources each time. I will also try to get 2 books traditionally published.


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