What I've Been Doing

External Publicity

I joined twitter to start building a group of people who have interest in what I have to say and may one day have interest in my book. While doing […]

Life Happens

I started this site in February of 2016 and to be honest, I had hoped to be further along on my journey to becoming a children’s book author. However, I […]

Make Time To Write

Begin marketing your book before you write it is what I said and I believe this to be true, however you must have a story in you before starting this […]

Make Use of Online Communities

When working to build a reputation, one strategy is to join online communities related to your subject matter or geared toward potential customers, in our case some group of parents. I […]


I’ve been working hard on my website for parents trying to come up write useful articles. I will be using SiteGround to host the site as I already have and account […]

New Exposure Plan

I’ve been working hard to get exposure for my book.  I tried social stories, however they did not get as much exposure as I had hoped. Unable to come up […]

Self v Traditional Publishing

I have not made up my mind yet on whether to self-publish or go the traditional route but I am leaning more so toward self-publishing for the first book and […]

If you research when to begin marketing your book and the consensus seems to be, before you ever write a book. If you wait until you have a book ready […]