About Me


I am a wife and a mother of one. When my son was about 16 months, we were told he was on the Autism spectrum. For me it was a relief have an answer but for my husband it was a struggle because it meant that our son would face greater challenges than other children. Because of this, for years, although he received therapies to help him get on track, we never really acknowledged “Autism” in our house. However at some point we will tell our son that he is on the spectrum and I don’t want that to make him question who he is.

I recently watched an episode of Disney’s Girl Meets World  and yes, for those that are wondering it is a spin off of Boy Meets World with Corey and Topanga. In this episode, one of the characters, Farkle, was being tested for his genius, when it was brought to his family’s attention that he may have Aspergers (a mild form of autism). In the episode, on the outside at least he was as accepting of the situation as you could expect a middle-schooler to be. However his friends had a difficult time accepting it. Insisting multiple times that there was nothing wrong with him and he couldn’t  have Aspergers. In the end it was establish that he was not on the spectrum, however the way they reacted upset me a little. Farkle and the other had been friends for years, they insist that they know each other, but to the autism was such a horrible thing that they felt just by getting the diagnosis it would somehow change who Farkle was. My goal is to teach children and adults alike that even if you were to find out that you or someone you know has autism, it does not change who that person is. I want to expose some of the everyday things that can happy in an Aspie’s day. Then prove that even if they need a little help or are a little social awkward at times they are still the same person they were, they just now know a reason for some of their quirks and struggles.

This is my goal in writing children’s books. If you would like to be kept update on my progress towards this goal, you can subscribe to my mailer list here.

Thank you,

Sherreka Clay