Terry John Barto

Meet Terry John Barto, the author of Gollywood and Nickerbacher books. He has also directed and choreographed of 200+ regional theater productions, industrials, television, and cruise ship shows throughout the United States.
Read below and you can find out more about his career as a published children’s author.
Why did you decide to write a book? I had a bunch of ideas for kids & wanted to make a difference. Hopefully to inspire children to dream big and be okay with being yourself.

What do you like best about Gollywood? It’s a world full of zany characters. Also a nod to the past when time was simple. We based the landscape on Southern California in the 1950’s when theme parks were popular and Hollywood was glamorous.

What do you wish you had known about publishing a book before you started? I learned a lot from the time I did Gollywood, which was my first book, to my third. I spent money on advertising and promotion that I probably didn’t need. But the good thing is, that the things I did led to some great paths and everything I learned along the way, helped me be more effective with my most recent book – Nickerbacher.

What is the best part of publishing a book? What was the hardest part? The best part is to finally see your words in print and have it out in the world. The hardest was the rejection along the way and even afterwards with a bad review. I have to learn not to obsess with the one bad review when there are 89 glowing.

Do you market your books before you publish them or wait until after? That was the biggest thing I learned… don’t wait. The third time around, I did a lot of prep work before the release date and Nickerbacher came out as an Amazon #1 New Release and shortly thereafter an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Do you mind telling us what plans you have in the works? I’ve just come out with Nickerbacher so I am pretty much submitting for awards and reviews and in full promo mode. But I’ll be re-working some projects that I put on the back burner.

Is there anything you would like to say to aspiring authors? I sometimes have to remind myself of what my characters say. Be persistent and don’t give up.
Nickerbacher Books’ Site: http://www.nickerbacher.com/
Gollywood Books’ Site: gollywoodhereicome.com