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My book is ready to go, I’m just waiting out the count down – 7 more days! I wanted to share a few things to keep in mind when setting up your book in CreateSpace. When I began formatting my book I told myself to go to createspace and see what information I need. In the end I waited until the last minute. That left me rushing to get all my information until the last minute. So here are some things to take in to consideration within createspace.


Title Information: On this page, you will be asked for basic title page information (i.e. title, author, series, etc.)

ISBN: On this page you can choose between three different ISBN options.

1.) Createspace ISBN: free, can be use to sell only through createspace outlets.

2.) Custom Universal ISBN: $99, can be used to sell through any outlet.

3.) Bring your ISBN: free, can be used to sell through any outlet. (An ISBN through is $125 so you get a discount doing it through Amazon.)

Interior: This is where you upload your finished file, not including the cover or back cover. There are many resources on Amazon and the web on how to format your book. If you would like to see how I formatted my book, you can out my formatting post.

Cover: Your cover should be one file that is set up with your back cover on the left, your spine in the middle, and your front cover on the left. You may be able to get your illustrator to format it for you.

Complete Setup: This is where you verify everything is correct, so make sure you check everything.


During this step, createspace will review your file and proof your book.


During this step you will choose your distribution channels, set your pricing, and have the option to publish on KDP. You will also choose the finish for your cover and write your description (that includes choosing an age range for your book.)

Sales and Marketing)

This is where you can track your sales and get more information from createspace about marketing.

These are the different areas you will have to visit when you go through the createspace process, so make sure you keep these things in mind.

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