Simple Marketing Plan

I am behind on my release date. I wanted to release by April first but due to reasons (mainly fear), I have not done so yet. I have, however, set my release date in KDP to May 1, so there is no turning back. So, today, I will be talking about my marketing strategy for the book. As I’ve said before, I started by creating a Twitter account. I only have around one hundred subscribers, but that’s one hundred more people I can market to than I would if I wasn’t on Twitter.

My plan of action now that my book is complete, started as a way to give back to the autism community. After all the support, we received for our son, I’d like to pass it on. In the end, however, I think it may also help me sale more copies of my book. I have decided, for the first month, I will donate 50% of my royalties to Autism Speaks, an organization, that supports many individuals on the spectrum and their families. Hopefully I can make a decent amount of sales in order to donate a good amount to Autism Speaks. If I am unhappy with my donation amount, I may increase the percentage or extend the donation period, I’m not sure which now.

I also plan to send copies of my book to local radio stations in hopes that they may give out copies of my book on the air. One last step I’d like to take is to get my book into local bookstores around the area. I don’t know how any of this will work out but at least I have a plan.

When I start to see results from these steps I will let you know. If you want to be kept posted on my results, sign up for my mailing list.

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