Starting to Figure Some of This Out

I decided in February of 2016 to write a children’s book. To find out why read my About Me. I set the goal to finish my book in February of 2017. Unfortunately, my book was not complete by February. However, my story was and my hope is to have my book published by the end of March.

Along the way I tried creating YouTube videos to build publicity for my character, Patrick Pelzer. The videos did not come together how I had wanted, so I let that idea go. I then decided to create a twitter page where I talked about children, autism, and reading in hopes to build up a group of followers who may be interested in my book. I have not built up a huge following but I do have a little more people to tell about my book than I did before twitter (twitter is my only social media, so before that I would just be selling to family.)

I finished my first story about Patrick and had family review it for me. I used their feedback to make changes but in the end I just didn’t feel it was what I wanted it to be for my first book. Thankfully their was another story I was working on that would be my manuscript I submitted to traditional publishers. I decided to finish it up and make that my first self-published book. That is who I had illustrators design in my freelancer contest– Ayana Applegate.

I still want to submit a book to traditional publishers and see what that experience is like. For that, I will be using a story I was working on just for fun that is based on a fairy tale. Once I get Ayana published and get in a groove with it, I will begin the process of submitting to a traditional publisher.

As far as Patrick goes, I haven’t abandoned his character, I just think I might want to go in a different direction with him and when I figure that out I will publish him later.

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