Finding an Illustrator

With my story being complete, I am now working to turn it into a book. The first step is finding an illustrator. When I started looking for an illustrator, I did not know an illustrator or what they make. At this point I still don’t know any illustrators however I did find out in my research that in the traditional publishing world, they make between 3.5% and 6.5% of book sales, with an advance in some situations.

With me just starting out and doing this on my own, I have no intention to try to keep up with distributing royalties to an illustrator. I considered, for all of five minutes, doing my own illustrations, but that is just not one of my skills. So the only real option I have left is to pay someone upfront for illustrations. That brings me to I have used freelancer before and have decided this is where I will find an illustrator. is just what it sounds like. It is a site where people can post jobs for freelancers. Once a job is posted, freelancers can bid on it, then the employer picks the bid they like best. This is a good process, however I would prefer to see the art style before I pick an illustrator. For this situation, offers a contest route.

With a contest, you post a job that you fund up front. Then, interested freelancers summit their designs to the contest for your review. If you see something you like but would like to see tweaked a bit just let that freelancer know and they will upload a new submission with the changes. Once you find the design you like and select it, the funds are released and the files are turned over to you.

Because contest are for simple jobs, I will hold a contest to find the design for the my main character and hire them later to do my book illustrations.


This is the route I have decided to go to find my illustrator. Let me know how you found or plan to find your illustrator in the comments below.

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