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I have not made up my mind yet on whether to self-publish or go the traditional route but I am leaning more so toward self-publishing for the first book and looking into traditional for my second book, in order to compare the two. As far as self-publishing goes I have been looking at outskirts press. I like the fact that all of my cost are up front and broken down for me so that I know exactly what I and paying for. But I found them when I was thinking of writing a different type of book and I’m not sure if they are so cost effective for a children’s book so I will continue to do research.


~Earlier I said I was looking at outskirts for a self publish book. After more research, I have decided not to go in that direction. The main reason, like I said before is because their packages just don’t seem to be geared toward children’s books. Also I want to release my book as a physical book as well as an ebook. With wanting to publish an ebook I naturally look and Amazons Kindle Publishing and now Amazon offers CreateSpace which allows for on demand printing.  While research CreateSpace I also began researching Ingram Spark. Both companies have their own pros and cons which I will discuss in a later post. But one big difference for me is that CreateSpace has better distribution in the US, while Ingram Spark has better distribution internationally. That is why I may end up utilizing both at some point for publishing. ~

However if I do self-publishing no matter what company I go with, I will be doing kindle direct publishing. As far as traditional publishing, I did some research and found an article on a blog called Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity  listing children’s book publishers that still accept manuscripts from unknown, unrepresented authors check it out here. This article is where I found a publisher that I think would be perfect for my type of book should I go the traditional route.

Have you made your decision on whether to self publish or be traditionally published?  Let me know your reasons in the comments below.

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