CreateSpace Then Print

Amazon’s CreateSpace. That seems to be the route most self-published authors. And why not? With CreateSpace, you pay nothing up front to have your books published and you are not responsible for storage and distribution of the books. It’s a great way to start out this journey when you don’t have much money to invest in the beginning. CreateSpace is a print on demand system which as its name implies, prints the books only once their ordered. Also with amazon being the starting point for 44% of consumers’ product searches ( it has access to its own set of customers you otherwise may not have access to.

Amazon is also a trusted retailer. So, those who may not be willing to buy from a private site like your own author’s site will be more willing to make a purchase from a trusted site like Amazon. Amazon also allows you to create an author’s page to keep track of all your books listed on Amazon, whether they be physical books or e-books, published by Amazon or someone else. For these reasons, I will follow suit and my first publishing experience on this journey, will be with CreateSpace.

I would like to also publish with a traditional self-publishing company. One reason, is to give you guys insight into different forms of printing but also because I would like to sell books on my own site and Amazon does not give an author’s discount. So, I would have to essentially buy them for full price to resell them on my sight. With traditional self-publishing, I could buy a large quantity of books and sell them on my site and potentially make a profit from them. Once I have a supply of books to sell on my site, I plan to use one of the publicity sites (which ever yields the best results) I told you about here, to help generate traffic.

Do you think CreateSpace is a good place to start, let me know in the comments below?

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