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I joined twitter to start building a group of people who have interest in what I have to say and may one day have interest in my book. While doing so I have come across many people who help publicize works of self-published authors. Some of them will expose your book to their audience for a period of for as little as $20.

There are two such companies that I plan to try with my first self-published book. My plan is to sell my book through normal channels, amazon, my twitter, and my site (not yet started). After one month of watching my sells through those avenues, I will try one site at a time for that chosen that sites set time period and compare the sales during each time frame to see what type of effect each has on my sales. Those two companies are BuzzBUB and Books and the Bear.

The first one I will start with will be BuzzBUB, who has three promotional options, all of which last 30 days. With BuzzBUB, they do not keep any of your information or require an account. After your 30 days of promotion is up, that’s it and they no longer access your info. If you want to re-up, you have start the submission process over again. They have three packages to choose from- the buzz ($18.99), the blitz ($32.99), and the blast ($49.99). All their packages include a listing on their site, a welcome tweet on twitter, a feature on their social media and a newsletter blast. The only difference between the plans seems to be the number of times they tweet your book per day; one, three and five, respectively. I believe I’ll choose the blast plan for $49.99.

After a month of that I will take a one month break and continue using the normal means I described above. Then I will try Books and the Bear. This site offers a range of services including not just publicity but editing as well. The Bear will sell tweets from their twitter at three different price points, all of which equate to one dollar per tweet. This seems beneficial; however, I would like to take advantage of their three publicity plans. Unlike BuzzBUB, Books and the Bear’s three plans vary in time frame. They have the one day plan ($49), the one week plan ($99), and the four-week plan ($299).  All plans include a social media blast per day, a book cover post per day, a newsletter feature and campaign schedule. I plan to use the four-week plan, in order to compare the results to that of BuzzBUB. Also with the four week plan you receive three additional newsletter features and a book completion completely run by Books and the Bear.

If you have any questions about these sites or know of any others I should use, let me know in the comments below.

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